Dogs and Cats Hear Much, Much More! $9.99

In nature animals use their acute hearing for survival. Reacting to sound is part of pet behavior in the home as a family member. This is most obvious when your dog or cat runs to the kitchen at the first sound of the treat jar opening! While your child is learning responsibility of how to care for their pet, the information in this book will help your child learn about science, inventors, and the language of music. Understanding their dog or cat with this awareness enhances empathy, responsibility and care for another being, opening the hearts of children in the most natural way.

Janet Marlow is an international pet expert, author and composer. She is dedicated to the understanding of the affects of sound and music on humans and animals. She is the author of Zen Dog (Barnes & Noble) and co-founder of the company, Pet Acoustics. "My friend, Janet Marlow, knows more about the hearing and hearts of dog and cats, more than anyone I know.

I pay close attention to whatever Janet says and now, with her wonderfully informative book, you can, too." Mary Pope Osborne, Author of The Magic Tree House Series

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