Ultra Calmer - Small Dogs $69.95

Ultra Calmer 

 Canine Stress Relief Sonic Collar

Thunderstorms, Fireworks, Noise Phobias

For SmallDogs

solution for pet owners with dogs that suffer from acute anxiety triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks and environmental noise stress, daily walks.

"I LOVE it.  I’ve put one on all three dogs at different times and my Boozle, the most curmudgeonly of the bunch turns into a playful puppy during the storm" Sarah Hodgson, Huffington Post

 Why it works: Dogs hear twice as much as we do so hearing sensitivities is a major part of a dog’s life, especially during a thunderstorm. The collar device is centered between the dog’s ears which focuses their acute hearing on the calming music, masking the agitating sounds, diminishing anxiety. Results are repeatable.

Dimensions:   Small   9"-13"       Collar is 3/4" W  

(Also available in Medium   12"-18"    Large   16"-25")   

 How to Use the Ultra Calmer.

-Turn on at the first sign of agitation.

-Adjust the Safe Volume© to your dog’s comfort level.

- Clip the collar around your dog’s neck.

-Within minutes see diminished shaking, pacing and panting and your dog in a state of calm

- Also helps excessive barking behaviors    


- Comes in sizes S,M,L

- Water resistant

 - 3 hour battery charge

- USB charger included

- Continuous play

- Up/ Down SafeVolume© Control

- On/Off button

 Pet Acoustics' innovative products have helped thousands of pets and pet owners worldwide. Our products are clinically tested and approved by veterinarians to promote pet wellness. Janet Marlow,Founder and CEO of Pet Acoustics innovated the Ultra Calmer for the best solution for pet owners to help the heartbreaking stress behaviors that dogs experience triggered by sounds. The Ultra Calmer is a natural and easy way to calm canine noise stress.

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Price $69.95
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