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Pet Tunes for Horses is a Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with special frequency modified music clinically tested to reduce stress and calm equine behaviors. Pet Tunes calms horses with anxiety behaviors, thunderstorm agitations, noise phobias, barn time and training, trailer transport, grooming, farrier and vet visits and for trail rides.

Pet Tunes music is tuned specifically for sensitive equine ears to ease behaviors in their listening environment. The original music is designed by internationally recognized composer and researcher, Janet Marlow, credited for the concept of species-specific music based on the hearing ranges of dogs, cats, horses and birds. The music is clinically proven and endorsed by veterinarians.  

Pet Tunes pairs to any Bluetooth device to play your favorite music.  Included in Pet Tunes is a USB charging cord and a wrist strap to hang anywhere. Pet owners enjoy the music too!

Pet Acoustics Inc. has helped thousands of pets and pet owners worldwide with innovative products that resolve issues such as separation anxiety, thunderstorm nerves and for sensory activity. Our breakthrough research on the acute hearing of animals has developed a series of species-specific products for pet wellness, clinically tested and veterinarian approved. Entrepreneur Magazine named Pet Acoustics Inc."Top 100 companies for brilliant ideas".‚Äč



Pre-loaded with Equine music

Black Casing

Bluetooth Capable

High Quality audio

1GB Micro SD card

USB charging cord included

Charge lasts 5-8 hours or 24/7 with a USB/AC Adaptor

Easy click and play

Built-in repeat mode for continuous play


Speaker Dimensions: L 50 MM  D 50 MM W 50 MM

Speaker Weight: 130g

Output: RMS3W THD=10%

Freguency response: 150-18000HZ ( =-3DB)

Signal and Noise Ratio of Power Amplifier: >=80dB

Loud speaker: 1.77 (external diameter 45mm) Magnetic resistance 4 Ohms

Line In/5 V: USB power supply, audio input

" Pet Tunes Music for horses is the single most valuable tool I have found in 25 years. Boo Martin, NARA, Touchstone Farm




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