Cats See and Play DVD $14.99

Pet Acoustics Cats See and Play DVD is designed just for your cat to keep them engaged, active and entertained all day long. 


  • Video scenes of Fish, Hamsters, Birds, Rabbits, Cats, colorful nature scenes and and a laser light chase your cat will love.

  • A soundtrack of Pet Acoustics feline music designed to stimulate cat hearing for active movement.

  • Embedded nature sounds and bird calls for cats to feel like they’re experiencing the outdoors.

  • Check the loop button for continuous all day play while your cat is home alone.


  • Multi-sensory behavior responses increase activity for feline health and well being

  • Diminishes boredom and stress behaviors

See Cat Play Activity App Promo on YouTube:

Janet Marlow is internationally known for her research and science based music products which have helped thousands of pets worldwide. Janet Marlow is a composer, author for Barnes & Noble, featured on Animal Planet and has been a contributing expert for Purina Friskies.

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